Yes we like... Michel Kreder - Exclusive interview by Allez Andy

I noticed him in Vuelta a Catalunya, where he ended 7th after a very good performace, and in my opinion is one of the most promising neo pro of 2010. He was so kind to accept this interview. Questions are almost always the same, because we know so few and I think confronting the answers of different racers is nice. Enjoy!

Ilaria: Who is Michel Kreder? please introduce yourself. When were you born?
Michel: I was born on 15/08/1987 te 's-Gravenhage (holland)
Ilaria: Your height and weight?
Michel: 182 m 69 kilo
Ilaria: When did you start cycling?
Michel: I started cycling when i was 8years old (1996).
Ilaria: When did you become a pro? For wich teams did you race till now?
Michel: This year is my firstone as a pro, before i rode 2 years for Rabobank continental, 2 years for Cyclingteam Davo (belgium) and 2 years for DGR vorselaar (belgium).
Ilaria: Tell us: which were your best results and the most important races you took part in?
Michel: I won a stage in Circuito montanes and Circuit Lorraine.

Ilaria: Ok, now we can start our interview! So Michel how are you?
Michel: I'm doing fine, thank you.. I'm ready for the classics that start this wednesday for me in Brabantse pijl.

Ilaria: The new season just started but are you happy with your 2009 results? Which was your best day and which the worse and why? Did you learn something this year?
Michel: I'm very happy with my results from last year (finished 36 times in top10). I had a fiew good days, and a bad day that I remember the most is the day from the Worlds!

Ilaria: That day excluded, 2009 was a very good year for you and you showed a very good shape also in this early 2010. Tell us something about your experience at Vuelta a Catalunya: you ended 7th in final general classification and got also very good results in some stages. Did you expected that?
Michel: Yeah that was a very good race for me, I had a good start of the season and after Vuelta Murcia I stayed 2 weeks in Girona to train for Catalunya and the Classics.. I knew that the shape were good but i didn't expect to ride that well there..

Ilaria: What is your main goal for 2010? your next races?
Michel: My main goals are Brabantsepijl, Amstel and Fleche wallon. And after that, Dauphine liberé and the Nationals. Vuelta and Giro di Lombardia. I like both races..

Ilaria: Do you like more stages races or one day races?
Michel: I don't prefer a classic or a stage race. I like both kind of races.

Ilaria: How did you start racing?
Michel: I start racing because my nephew (Danny Kreder) say to me that i need to try cycling..

Ilaria: How is racing for Team Garmin? How the team works with regard to roles and leadership? And which is your role? What about your team mate?
Michel: I like racing for Team Garmin-Transitions.. till now I'm in a free role in some races but we have some leaders in the team for the big races!

Ilaria: Which is the race you like more? Which is your best quality? And the worse?
Michel: I like the classics: Amstel, Fleche, Liege and Lombardia.. I'm good at that and I think that is my best quality.. I'm not that good in TT...

Ilaria: Family and friends are important for you? what do you like to do in your spare time?
Yes, family and friends are important for me, specially if I am at home after a race, to have a nice time at home! I watch sometimes a movie thats on televison and listen to tmf..

Ilaria: Which is your dream race?
Michel: Liege et Lombardia.

Ilaria: And finally, you know this blog is the most about Andy Schleck: did you ever meet him? What do you think about him?
Michel: I saw him in the race, but never meet him. I think he is a nice guy.

Ilaria: Thank you Michel and good luck for next races!


Manuel (Ciclismo PST) said...

Ciclismo PST vuole complimentarsi con "Allez Andy!" per la crescita internazionale del sito, confermata da queste interviste a vari protagonisti del gruppo.

Senti, ma non la conosci qualche ciclista? Avrei di robe da chiedere a una che corre sull'altra metà del sellino!
(italiana, s'intende)

Ilaria Pranzini said...

ahahah! grazie x i complimenti. A dire il vero qualche ciclista italiana la conosco, tipo la Valentina Scandolara... E in Lux la campionessa Nathalie Lamborelle... Il fatto è che 1. io invece non saprei cosa chiedere 2. ai miei lettori (te escluso) non interessa gran che il ciclismo femminile. Ti dirò che già queste interviste extra-Schleck non sono molto popolari...

Manuel (Ciclismo PST) said...

Volevo dire, se ne conosci di italiane per me, così IO posso far loro qualche intervista.

Ilaria Pranzini said...

Ma se le conosci tutte tu!!!