After Xmas, cyclocross and comunication poll result

Xmas day is over but Xmas holydays still last. On the 26th we use to meet with enlarged family to share the food left over from the Xmas lunch or dinner. In spite of Andy's tweet "Merry Christmas!!! enjoy it .... I do"... I didn't. Probably because - unlike his one- my family is a disaster and I don't look forwatd to spend a whole day with them. But be sure: that is the last year I do. If I have to feel alone I'd better to be alone, but in a cool place.

Today I'd have liked to be in
Differedange for the traditional after Xmas cyclocross, but it have been canceled because of the snow. There is of course the Sunday's UCI Cyclocross World Cup at Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, and I wonder if Stybar will race.

He was forced to stop when was leading the GC because of a knee injury and it was moving to read his fb on the 11th of December:
"Damn" he wrote "I can hear the speaker of the race in Essen till my house. Didn't expect it'll be so hard for me." Yeah, poor guy! a bit like Frank watching TdF in tv after his crash. Few days ago Pauwels - my favourite - said it would be sad if Stybar couldn't come back in time to fight for the GC. We'll see. If you are interested, have a look here http://www.cyclingfans.com for the streaming of the race.

Finally, my last poll is over too. In spite of a tardive improvement of the 'Yes'-party (15%,) the 'Yes but'-party (51%) prevailed and the 'No'-party got an important 32%. Now if we add the bored people together with the annoied one... we have a large 83% that more or less is unsatisfied about the comunication strategy of Team (No)Leopard.

Of course I suspected that - personally I voted "Yes but" - and the poll was a way to give a voice to readers and maybe an advice to the team pr.
It's simply a poll and few people voted amongh the 30.000 average monthly readers of this blog (yep, they are also a bit more according with Google statistics page). In no way it was intended as a criticism. As always when I suggest a poll, I was curious to see if my feeling/idea was shared by the most of you. In this case yes, it is.

Honestly I think the wait was too long
and Brian Nygaard explaination - contracts start since 1th of January- doesn't persuade me so much. The team site could be open, the fb page could have been created earlier, supporters could have been involved - also keeping all secrets till the 6th of January - by forums, polls, updating about riders - Team Saxo Bank still pay Schlecks' salary but stoped writing about them long time ago - journalists could have been informed earlier and better - about the press conference/press accreditation for example: I was surprised to see photographer asking on twitter... As far as it's me, ok...

People go for gossip if don't get official news. I don't like gossip but got a lot of unofficial news and it was really frustrating to can not publish them. However I respect Team (No)Leopard choice: that's Andy's team so also abit 'my' team, the team I'm going to support on the road and on the web for the next four years at least, but I hope more. It's a wonderful team. The best team for the best racer. And it has got the best supporters: it would better to listen to them :)
[Pic old but good]

Poll result: Do you like NewTeam comunication strategy?
Yes! it's thrilling!
9 (15%)
Yes but can't last too long: I'm geting bored
30 (51%)
No, it's annoying: I want more infos
19 (32%)

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