Happy Birthday Rune

Rune Kristensen is a lucky guy, not only he worked as a mechanic for Team Saxo bank and now he does for the New Lux Team, but he's also celebrating his birthday in Crans with all the gang. Look what a nice and original cake he got :D
We often talked about an interview, Rune and me, and about how it would be interesting to know the point of view of mechanic about some crucial things in cycling and races.
I hope he will find a moment for that - and I have a question about the chain-gate of course: we already talked about that once.
So Rune enjoy your day!! and see you soon on the road.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to him then!


KindaSassy said...

and you just know that not a single calorie from that cake landed on any hips at that training camp.... *giggle*