"Je dois et je vais gagner le Tour de France" interview w/t Andy and some remarks

Finally Andy Schleck opens again his mouth - wisdom teeth free - and tell us his opinin about the main subjects everybody is specultating since the last Tour de France. Read the interview here: http://www.cyclismactu.net/news-interview-andy-schleck-laquo-le-tour-de-france-2012-je-dois-le-gagner-raquo-19638.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#ixzz1ZPw103Is 
In short:
1. Teeth. He's fine: "Tout va bien, rassurez-vous." , "J’ai cumulé les antibiotiques pour, finalement, faire ce que je devais faire. Je me suis fait enlever les dents de sagesse, trois au total, et je récupère en cette fin de saison qui est terminée pour moi. Donc, je suis devenu sage, c’est ça !" That is: he had teeth problems in the last week of Tour de France, took antibiotics to keep racing but finally it became worse and had to go to the dentist to have 3 wisdom teeth extracted. That put an end of his season: he grew wiser. 
2. Season 2011: He's satisfied. "Je suis content de ma saison."j’ai fait des petits résultats mais ce n’est tout de même pas trop mal au final." That is: he didn't get big results but ok, it wasn't so bad.
3. TdF 2011: He lost it because of the TT and against a specialist. But he's already working to improve his TT skill: power, position, breathing. "Je sais que je pêche dans le contre-la-montre. Je dois gagner en puissance et en force et j’ai déjà commencé à faire ce travail. Sans oublier ma position sur le vélo qui n’est pas forcément la meilleure. Ce travail, c’est de la musculation, c’est de l’exercice en soufflerie et je suis à fond là-dessus. Oui, je ne dois plus et je ne peux plus perdre le Tour à cause d’un chrono."
 4. Merger LT/RS:Andy likes it. He knew about by the press release as everybody but find it a good idea given that without a sponsor riders risked to get no salary. Nobody will lose his job because LT has 24 riders but 4 with a contract just till 2011, RS will bring 10 so it's 30 and that's fine. "C’est même la meilleure chose qu’il pouvait arriver à cette équipe. C’était difficile de continuer dans une équipe sans réel sponsor [...] Il pouvait y avoir un risque que les salaires des coureurs ne soient pas payés même si on a tous été payés. Cette décision de la fusion, nous, les coureurs, on l’a appris comme tout le monde après le Tour et plus ou moins par voie de presse. [...] Dans l’équipe Leopard, nous étions 24 coureurs et il y en avait 4 qui était en fin de contrat. Johan Bruyneel arrive avec 10 coureurs. Au final, on se retrouve avec une équipe de 30 coureurs de bonne tenue."
Now if I can add a comment: many RS riders already lost their job - RS didn't have only 10 riders of course - and those 4 probably hoped in a new contract with LT, some of them had been told that. Salary is important but not all and workers should be involved in such important decisions about their career and life. I agree that the merger is the best solution but it could have been done better.
5. Bruyneel bad reputation about doping etc.: Andy doesn't give a shit. "Moi, je sais qui je suis et je sais ce que je fais. Je ne vais pas changer mes façons de faire en fonction de tels ou tels managers et directeurs sportifs." That is: "I know who I am and what I do. I am not going to change my way to do because of a manager or ds". Ok, I really hope so. I really hope you can resist to bad suggestions and threats even when your  greatest dreams are concerned. Stay strong. For sure it isn't nice to see you in such a company. Anybody did already said that maybe RS has a convenience to get a no-USA license when the Armstrong-USPostal story comes to a judiciary end? I didn't follow it attentively so I'm probably wrong. Well, I'd like to be in acertain way. BDW also Becca's reputation doesn't look so good...
 6. TdF 2012: Two leaders again. Frank too can win it even if... it remains Andy's only goal. Again all the other races will be just a training. 
"Je crois que mon frère Frank peut tout aussi bien gagner le Tour que moi. [...] L’année prochaine, on aura aussi deux leaders avec Frank et moi. [...] Mais mon seul objectif reste vraiment le Tour de France 2012 que je dois et que je vais gagner. Et les autres courses de la saison avant ne seront que là pour me rassurer."
Did you understand? so Andy doesn't give a shit also for all the criticisms and suggestions he got during the last - disappointing - season. Ok, once again I hope we were all wrong. 
Best wishes for next season and for a good rest.


Yes we like... Rasmus Ch. Quaade

He just won silver in U23 men Worlds TT by an impressive ride. Only the super favourite Durbrige was faster. In add he's Dane and got the medal in Danmark. Lets know him better!
Pic by Kristina Møller, CyclingWorld.dk
Hi Rasmus, introduce yourself:
When were you born?
I'm born in Denmark, Copenhagen.
Your height and weight?
187cm and 76kg.
When did you start cycling?
I started cycling in 2002, and started racing in 2003.
For wich teams did you race till now? and wich is your actual team?
My teams: C.K.Fix Rødovre, 2002-2006 only youth. Team RCR junior 2007-2008
Senior: Team blue water - cycling for health 2009
Team designa køkken - blue water 2010
Team Concordia forsikring 2011
Team blue water 2012
Wich were your best results and the more important races you took part in?
- 4. Track world championships team pursuit elite 2010
- 3. European championships TT U23 2009
- 1. Chrono Champenois TT 2010
- 2. Chrono Champenois TT 2011
- 1. Danish championships TT U23 AND elite
- 2. World championships TT U23
- 4. Tour of Denmark stage 5 UCI 2.HC
So Rasmus, how are you? After your TT you looked dead!Now I'm feeling fine more than a week after. I was almost dead after the TT. But I know how much I can give, and as long as it's only after I've crossed the finish line, it's okay.
Are you surprised by your result or was it expected?
My result is exactly as expected. Luke [Durbrige beated me one week before in Chrono Champenois with 50sec. I knew he was good, but I hoped to be better than him at the worlds. But he is the best.
Silver is great but gold is better: are you satisfied?
I'm very satisfied. Luke is so much better than me. Everyone wants to win, and maybe I am a little bit disappointed not winning, but when Luke is so much better than me I can only be satisfied. I would not be satisfied if he had won with only a few seconds.
How did you prepare that race?
My preparing has been long. I started with special training in August. I went to Livigno for an altitude training camp. The rest is just as usually with training. Then I had a great team around me. I think we have some of the best mechanics and I have my own soigneur. Its important to have a good team behind. 
Does that medal change anything in your career and in your life?
No. Not much I'd say. But it change my mind a little. I'm thinking all the time how great it was to stand on the podium in front of so many people.
I guess you already have some offerts from pro teams. Are you going to become a pro soon or do you prefer to wait?
At the moment I want to wait being pro. Right now I'm not good enough in the road races, so I want to improve myself in the road races, before to become a pro.
Next year I also have the Olympics on the track, team pursuit. So even though I wanted to be a pro now, I would say no, because in the pursuit team we promised not to become pros before we have done the Olympics.
We know your time trialist skill but which kind of racer are you? Which is your best quality? And the worst?
I'm good in short races. Bad at sprinting. Strong rider with lot of power. Good in races with hills, but not mountains. Not good at siting in the peloton.
Which is your dream race?
World championships and Olympics in TT
Which is the racer you like more in the history of cycling? And now?
Don't know former cyclists good... But there are guys like Eddy Merckx. I don't have any at the moment. I can't have a favourite cyclist, as long as I don't know who they are. I need to know them personally. I could say one of the guys with great results but I don't know if they are not nice to other people... 
That's a very interesting remark. How did you start racing?
I went in a bike holiday with my mom when I was 10. I liked to ride my bike every day.
Love that answer! I'm a mom too. Family and friends are important for you?
Family and friends are very important for me, but I don't have time anymore to see them because I'm travelling so much. But I know they are there for me when I come to the end of my career. 
Which studies did you do or are doing?
I ended gymnasium last summer. I think gymnasium is the same as high school. Typical for the age 17-21. 
We want know you better! what do you like to do in your spare time? Favourite music? Movie?
I listen to the music on the radio and what my friends find for me. My talent for remembering artists and specific music is very bad. But I like to listen to music. The same with movies. 
Your favourite book?
"Kon Tiki" written by Thor Heyerdal.
Nice you like to read: many riders are a bit emabrrassed when I ask this question ;) Your favourite country?
I think some of the South American countries have a great nature.
Your favourite food?
If the food is biological I like the most of food. But I hate when it's not.
Thank you very much, Rasmus. You were very kind to accept this interview. Good luck and see you soon on the road!