Suspance: UCI licences and Radio Shack

Green Edge and Radio Shack Nissan Trek must "provide additional documents". I wonder about what given that they had plenty of time to do it before. Green Edge is new brand team but Radio Shack Nissan Trek let us belive - if you wanted sure - that it was the same team as before with a different name, still holding Leopard Trek license till 2013. I didn't work obviously. And I guess Becca's troubles didn't help.
The reasons of the most sudden and mysterious collapse of  the most mysterious but on the paper solid team in the peloton are still quite obscure. Becca fired Nygaard - offering him a lower job in his financial group - saying he failed in assuring a sponsorhip. Nygaard always protested that wasn't his job - and I agree it wasn't even if Bjarne Riis spends half his team manager time in doing exactly that... but Riis Cycling is owned... by Riis so things are a bit different.
We could wonder: why such a strong team couldn't find a sponsor? My personal answer is: because the economic resources behinde it - very 'behinde', in the shadow somewhere - were and are quite dubious and in time of crisis nobody want his name linked to a scandal. A scandal is possible when the team owner bussines aren't clear at all, when police serches his home and offices - even if nothing was found - and the comunication strategy is irritatingly elusive. That's why I personally wouldn't invest one cent in Becca's team.
I'm not Snow White, you don't have 'good' against 'evil' here - and nowhere probably - but just a mafia clan against another one. In mafia wars - the real ones not the game - outsiders rise and win sometimes. More often the old clans cohalize to stop them. You can change rules if you are really strong, rich and without conscience but you must respect procedures and moreover hierarchies.
I am not telling Becca is a mafioso: not my job, not my bussines. Lots of honest people come back from a bank with empty hands nowadays just because they didn't 'trust' on them. That's the point.
Radio Shack. Why did they decide to stop, to give back their licence? Maybe because an European (Luxembourgish) licence is more convenient then a USA license at the moment. Especially when LA judjement is coming to a end... but that is just an idea, I have no clues.
Hard to imagine Cancellara's team off the WorldTour. Sad to imagine my favourite racer - Andy Schleck - waiting to know what he exactly signed for. He and Frank Schleck - maybe more Frank as far as I know - spent all their reputation in recruting riders for Becca's project and still say they belive in it firmly. They probably know things we ignore.
Anyway UCI says there are two available spots yet in the WorldTour. Maybe that's just a made up suspance. Well, suspance sucks!
Press Release: Registration of UCI ProTeams for the 2012 season
At 2nd November, UCI had registered the teams already holding a current licence and whose  applications satisfied the registration conditions set out in the UCI regulations.
The following teams were concerned:
- Astana Pro Team
- BMC Racing Team
- Garmin-Cervélo
- Lampre - ISD
- Liquidas - Cannondale
- Movistar Team
- Rabobank
- Sky Procycling 
- Vacansoleil-DCM* 

*UCI decision on November 9th
In accordance with the UCI regulations, the Licensing Commission was requested by the UCI administration to adjudicate on the refusal to register as well as the issuing of the UCI WorldTour licence to an applying team.
As a result of the hearings held on 15th, 16th and 18th November 2011, the Licensing Commission has ruled as follows:
The UCI WorldTour licence was issued to the following teams:   
- Katusha Team      2012-2015
- FDJ           2012-2014
- Lotto Belisol Team     2012-2015
- Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team 2012-2014
Team Saxo Bank     2012
Team Europcar’s application for a licence was rejected.
In addition, the Licensing Commission acknowledged the withdrawal of the GEOX-TMC team’s application.

In accordance with UCI regulations, the applications of these two teams have been forwarded to the UCI administration, so that the latter may assess the possibility of registering these teams as Professional Continental Teams.
Finally, the Licensing Commission granted registration for the 2012 season to the following teams: 
- AG2R La Mondiale 
- Euskaltel-Euskadi 

The decisions concerning the GreenEDGE Cycling and RadioShack-Nissan teams will be announced later – the Commission is currently waiting for the teams to provide additional documents.
Therefore, as it stands, 16 teams will take part in the UCI WorldTour 2012. In accordance with UCI regulations, a maximum of 18 UCI ProTeams may take part in the UCI WorldTour.
The full list of UCI Professional Continental Teams registered for the 2012 event will be announced on 12th December. 

UCI Communication Service


Anonymous said...

I totally agree your comment. Well done, i am sharing your opinion

Maggy from Lux

Ilaria said...

Thx. It's difficult to judge ignoring many important things but as far as I can understand, that's what I think. I'm quite worried.

Anonymous said...

You are not the only one being worried about the situation.


Ilaria said...

"And informed rumour says Radioshack-Nissan’s problems are more profound. That the US retailer has a sponsorship contract with Capital Sports Entertainment, the corporate entity behind the US squad… but that it is Leopard and owner Flavio Becca that is submitting the licence to the UCI and this contradicts rules that insist a team is a single legal entity.
http://inrng.com/2011/11/uci-protour-licence/ "

Steve said...

On the most basic level, who would want to throw their money behind the "superteam" without a signature win. Where was Fabian during the classics he so dominated the year before? You can't use the argument that he was marked more this year, as he was marked by a whole group in 2010 P-R.
Whoever was behind the management of the Schlecond fiasco demonstrated that you can't get 1st place results from second rate management.
Add the poor results to the elusive, or evasive style of Becca and you get a team that will have a 3 year lifespan, at most.

As much as I would like to see justice served in the Contador case, I would be just as happy to see him ride the Schlecks into the ground next July. How many times has sporting history shown that you can't simply buy a super team and expect immediate results?

Ilaria said...

You are right but in the end they have the points to be World Tour.
LT is 3th in teams ranking 2011, not so bad.
Disappointing for supporters I agree, but relatively poor results don't seem the reason for licence troubles. The UCI pointed out ADMISTRATIVE problems - or inchoereces or what they are. That's really serious not the building up of a team that for sure takes more then 1 year.