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Ahahaha! It seems he heard us or maybe RSNT press officer did. Last night renovandael tweeted: "Notice that and to a lesser extend have fallen silent on Twitter. Gotten serious. They mean business now!", "He never tweeted that much..." was my reply "I just think isnt interested :) few interviews also "I let them talk and do the work" he said. Right" and we agreed: "True, to some extend :o) Wanted to ask you about it, what your take on it was. I found it remarkable, but maybe it's nothing." It was a cold :) 
I am not sure if poor Fränkie had to fly alone to Mallorca but that`s what Andy said today on http://www.radioshacknissantrek.com/news/andy-schleck-about-next-training-camp-mallorca
"The younger of the Schleck brothers has come to love training camps and says it’s time to start doing more specific training in the Mallorcan sun.
Prior to the Challenge Mallorca (Feb 5-9), all but the riders that are selected for the Tour of Qatar (Feb 5-10) will be holding yet another training camp in Mallorca. Andy Schleck, who will race for the first time since the Tour of Colorado, is looking forward to training with the team. “In my first years as a pro, I didn’t like training camps very much. I was impulsive and only racing counted. Now that I’m older, I start to like training camps a lot. They’re good when you want to build up in shape and they’re real fun.”
“I have been doing a lot of kilometres up until now. When I got home after the last camp, I could still do a lot of training, because the weather in Luxembourg was good. Cold, but you could still go out and have a good time. Despite a little cold and a sore throat, I was able to get some good work done.”
Andy Schleck will race two or more stages of the Challenge Mallorca. “My condition is ok. I’ve got a good base already. The trainers and myself will now determine what the best preparation is for me. We will be increasing the intensity of my trainings: shorter distance, more intensity.”
After the Challenge Mallorca, Schleck will continue racing at the Tour of Oman (Feb 14-19)."
CAS should deliberate today on Contador case. As I said, whatever will be the sentence Andy Schleck will not jump with joy and I don`t expect a personal public reaction. It must have been very VERY frustrating waiting so long, in any case. That Tour I lived in real, on those roads and can`t forget Andy`s face in Paris. In any case, THAT will not change. Andy always said he looks ahead: wisely.
About doping and personal feelings, read Landis interviews by Klimmage if you didn`t yet:
You know, the UCI Overlord - the real one - got annoyed so... well... it`s a good reason to read it, no?

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