BMC Racing Team: Time Trial Simulation

RSNT in Mallorca had a specific TTT training. Now in Calpe BMC  riders spent a whole day simulating an ITT. Shared in two groups every riders raced a 2 kms prologue by TM01 TT bike, then a 10 kms TT
SD John Lelanguea explained the test included the whole day since the wake up till the race and the recovering.
Steve Cummings said it has been very useful: "We have not got a number and there was no crowd but it really was like a race. I managed to make a real effort so was happy. Technically I should change something maybe but it`s just for that we do those tests."
As I said about Bruyneel`s guys cornering, teams training camps are nowadays dedicated to specific works more than to a generic pedaling kms and kms. Accurately preparing for the season means not only to build a good shape and a strong group but also to get a consciousness of the technical side of each situation the rider will face during a race. I think we will see the difference, we already did last year... here and there.

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