In short: Fuglsang, F.Schleck and the Giro Article by Velonation and more

There is an interview with him on cykelmagasinet.dk. You can read a translation (and more) here:  http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/10872/Jakob-Fuglsang-Im-not-certain-that-I-want-to-be-here-right-now.aspx#ixzz1jMlLQy6A
In short:
1. Giro is the main goal: start in DK and TdF is too 'crowded'.
2. A leader calendar but in smaller races: Mallorca Challenge, Tour of Oman, Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen, Volta a Catalunya, Giro, Circuit La Sarthe and Tour de Romandie. 
3. Fuglsang is happy with it: “Perhaps it will be the slightly smaller races but on the other hand, because I’m allowed to ride for my own chances, I don't have to ride with six other captains in Paris-Nice. I will be riding some slightly smaller races but I am actually quite satisfied with it.”
4. But unhappy with his role in the team: “Now I am not even certain whether I want to be here now. To start with I wanted to be on Leopard Trek; there were two captains, or three, but there were no more; and there I had a little more of an open role.”
5. Time to leave? not yet but... “I won’t say right now that I’m moving away from the team. It could be that I will, but we must be realistic and look ahead; but if the team continues to look as it does now, well, it would perhaps be a good idea to look for other teams.
My opinion
It isn't the first time that Fuglsang talks 'loud' things others don't tell. He's a very good rider and deserves a leader role, I already told that during the last Vuelta. I find absolutely normal that he asked the team to lead in the Giro and don't see any problems given that both Schlecks don't want to take part in that race. It's also normal that Italian media keep on talking about the possibility to see Frank there, why not? no races yet, you need something to write and to discuss about. It's finally normal that asked Bruyneel answered as he did: "Main goal for the Schleck is Tour de France but nothing is fixed, all can happen, we will see". Last year Jakob Fugslang had been NOT introduced as a team leader, this year he was there side by side with Andy, Frank and Chris Horner. Last year when asked about his goals he said: "My goal is to support Andy in Tour de France". This year he said: "To lead and win in the Giro". Victory is unrealistic but podium is possible.
I understand - and partially share - the frustration to see Andy Schleck starting in a Tour that doesn't suit him wasting the opportunity to win a Giro d'Italia, but he was very clear on that point. As far as Frank Schleck is concerned: why should he go to Giro? many of us think that Bruyneel should separe the brothers. They don't want to be separed. Many of us also think that Andy can win the Tour and Frank couldn't. Can Frank win the Giro? and would be wise by Bruyneel to send him there against Fugslang? not in my opinion. Things are less complicated than you want to make them look: all the team - Frank included - will support Andy in the Tour, all the team - Frank not included - will support Jakob in the Giro. That's the way to maximize the team potential and that's what Bruyneel said. 
All can happen. Of course. Shut up now and lets watch some cycling please!


Anonymous said...

And what about Maxime M.? Might have even better potential than JF. I don't see compl;aints from him.


Anonymous said...

If somebody can become third at the Tour de France at only 2'30" of the winner, yes, of course he is capable of winning the Tour. No doubt about it. If Fränk goes to the Giro, he should go to win it and he should be the undisputed captain of the team.

Fuglsang's best result in a grand tour was 11th in last years Vuelta. That's not really impressive. Maxime Monfort, which most people consider as a lesser rider than Fuglsang, was 6th in that Vuelta.

I doubt Jakob can go for the podium in the Giro, even if he will be the captain and the whole team will be working for hem.

Concerning the Giro d'Italia there is only one thing I really hope and that is that RSNT will win the TTT in Verona on May 9th, the day Wouter Weylandt died last year.

Ilaria said...

Just to clear it: I'm not a Fugslang supporter and don't think he's better then Frank Schleck or Maxim Monfort. About FS in TdF: 2'30'' isn't few. Personally I don't think he can win it but it's only my opinion. The point here is: should Bruyneel force him to race the Giro AGAINST JF and AGAINST his own will? I don't think so. Has JB ever said that he would like to send FS to the Giro? I didn't find it anywhere. He left a possibility because he's a smart man, Italian media needs something to talk about but 99% JF will lead in the Giro and both FS and AS in TdF, with the hope that FS will help AS to winn it in spite it's an hard goal for him and in spite his bro wants to share the leadership. Lets face reality: 1st is the strongest, 2nd is his main opponent NOT his best helper or co-leader.
Honestly nowhere nobody said MM would have been a leader. I liked him in last Vuelta, probably he deserves more but at the moment he isn't a team leader, while JF has been introduced as that.

Ilaria said...

BDW: sign dudes if not it's weird to discuss :)