In short: interview with Andy Schleck by Velonews

Great interview here:
In short:
1.Yellow: "Now I have been three times second in the Tour. Yellow in Paris, that’s a different feeling, I want to know what that feels like."
2.TdF 2011 "I have no regrets. I think we did a great Tour last year. We just ran into a Cadel Evans, who was incredibly strong. People always find something. In Liege, when I won with one and a half minutes, people say you could have won with two minutes if you have sprinted to the line. I let them talk and I do the work."
3. palmares: "Many riders would like to have my palmares as I do. Of course, I didn’t win that many races, but I have always focused on big races. Maybe if I aimed for smaller races, I would have won more wins."
4. Riis: "I was second in the Giro, there was no Bjarne there, it was Alain Gallopin in the car. All the training I did these years, there was no Bjarne, it was Kim Andersen. He came to races, yes, but in the end, it was another who was there in the car." "I was on his team and he paid me for a couple of years, but when I had the big results, it was not him in the car."
5. Contador's case: "I haven’t had in my head a single moment, even when I was racing against him."

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