In short: Jensi Best Team Mate In the World!

Men’s Health interview with Voight: read it all!  
Jens Voigt: 
1. Determination: "It’s about determination.[...] Tour de France winners used to win by 15 minutes. Today, 15 minutes out, you’re in 35th. So the one with the highest pain threshold takes it. [...] you’re out front while everyone else in the back arguing who’s going to chase you. Let them play the poker game. Up front, it’s all or nothing."
2. Experience: "I have experience I’ve paid for with blood, sweat, and tears. It would be just stupid not to pass it on and keep it for myself. I help younger kids by guiding them a bit, and physically, I try to help the boys on top."
3. About supporting role:  "If you’re supporting somebody, you do the best you can and then let them go.[...] You just keep riding with your fingers crossed, hoping everything works out, because you can’t influence it. You have no idea what happened until you cross the line and find someone to tell you. So it’s difficult in a different way. It’s mentally exhausting."
4. Not for money: "If you only do it for the money you’re not going to last very long. It’s too hard to be a mercenary. You have to have passion inside of you. Passion in me feels like a high, full burning flame—it’s not a tiny spark in the dark. It’s still burning and I still love it."
5. TDF "You’ve got to pick someone better, not younger. Find someone more qualified, then take him, but I’m not giving up my spot for free. [...] To start off the year, they name 14 people for the first cut, then only pick the 9 from the group for the tour. I made the first cut, so I’m in there." 
6.The anti-star: "I’m the anti-star. I’m not flashy. [...] I’m that rock in the sea, where waves crash for ages and ages, and I’m still there. I think people like that reliability and loyalty."

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