It's raining hard in Mallorca but...

Pic by Matthew Busche
...that's what they did yesterday: "Speedplay Pedals owner Richard Bryne introduced the riders at the training camp in Mallorca to the physics and methodology of cornering."
Really interesting eh? and usefull... EHM... for somebody especially!
“The fundamentals of cornering are hard to learn on your own, which is why I was so keen to give this class to the RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK riders that are at the training camp. The hardest part is the speed, because I’m asking the riders to go beyond their comfort zone. [...] How to control your bike, at which point to enter and exit a turn are easy questions when you’re going 25 kilometres per hour. Once you reach 45, 60 km/h or even more in a descent, it gets really complicated. We really took them to the edge of their ease."
It's rainng hard but they are working hard and I must say it's the first time I see Andy and Frank Schleck so busy in training in January. It's a specific training as you see not just pedaling - even if pedaling is important to build up your shape. TT, track, cornering, simulated races plus a good team building. It sounds right. We will find out soon!

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