TDU 5: Willunga glory flavor

It isn`t easy to ignore an ex doper when he wins the queen stage of the first race of the season. He payed, didn`t he? and it was a different period in cycling, wasn`t it? I agree. But I feel more confortable with such statements about Millar then about Valverde, who comes back saying "I did nothing wrong". Tonight/today he really didn´t thought. No mistakes, a perfect race. He´s right to be proud and so are the GreenEdge boys who put Gerrans on the higher step of the podium. A priceless O´Grady, a well timed strategy and then of course a racer able to make it true. A climb that isn´t the Alp d´Huez but already gained his place in cycling holy topology: Willunga. Fireworks were expected there and so has been, with RadioSchack Nissan Trek pulling with all the team to drop dangerous opponents and prepare Machado`s attack. Bravi Haas (Garmin-Barracuda) and Dennis (UNI SA).
Read all in the main characters` words.  
BDW I´m happy to read that Rabobank is disappointed: in a world where everybody seems forced to show smiling faces in spite of poor results, an healthy admission of disappointment is like fresh air. Moreover: Rabo news in English are really apreciated!
“It’s been an excessive emotions, being able to show off all the fury I was keeping inside... I couldn’t resist to tears at the finish. To a sentimental value, I’d say this is the most special victory in my career. It’s been hard months of training at home, taking care of myself with no competition... and you remember all of that. This victory is dedicated to all the team, because they supported me 100%, and especially to Xavi Tondo. Also to all those ones who were always on my side. They know who they are. For my wife, my kids, my family.”  
“I was anxious to come back racing and also looking forward to getting my first win. More than the pressure from the crowd, it was pressure from myself to get back in winning ways. I knew I was strong, but needed to see myself back up-front, and in this race I found myself better and more relaxed each day. This victory gives me total tranquility on this sense. I was desperately awaiting for it and I got it into the first real opportunity I had, so it tastes so good.”

“All stages were important, but this one was marked red. The team worked superbly. They all left us the responsibility from the beginning and Erviti was the one to control the break for many kilometers so the gaps didn’t get huge, before other squads came up to help. At the first climb, López selected the group, but there was strong headwind and it was difficult to split it. We knew that there were some kilometers of plain after the climb with crosswinds, and there Rojas and Gutiérrez were decisive and broke up the peloton even more. At the end, first Madrazo and then, above all, Javi Moreno did a great work. It was difficult for me at the sprint because I took the wide side of the last turn, but even though I rode more meters I had good legs and I could overtake Gerrans at the end.” 
“For the moment, we’re going to enjoy this victory and whether we keep this position or not, we’ll finish this race happy. Obviously, if we can win, we’ll play all chances, but if we finish this way, I’m content with the result. We don’t discard anything, but we’ve got to be conscious it’s really hard and tomorrow is a special stage. It’s glory flavor what we have after what we did up to this moment.”
Simon Gerrans ...by Matt White

“The goal has always been the overall,” said Sports Director Matt White. “I didn’t think we would be this close with one stage left. We have the jersey, and we’ll need to do a bit of calculations to see what’s happening tomorrow.”
“Simon rode a smart, technical race,” said White. “He used the advantage of other teams on the final climb, and he attacked at the perfect time.” “Basically, we need to be sure that Valverde doesn’t get any time bonuses,” explained White. “We’ll want a break to go up the road to take away the intermediate sprints. After that, it may be whoever crosses the finish line first. A race of this level has never been decided this way. Usually there’s a prologue or a time trial to provide a hundredth of a second to default to in determining a leader. Without that here, if Simon and Valverde remained tied on time after tomorrow’s race, the lowest aggregate over the course of the entire race will take the overall.”
....and in his own words:
"So close! Hats off to Valverde for taking the stage. I'm absolutely wrapped to have the Ochre. Thanks again for supporting me!"
“In hindsight maybe I could say I should have waited to go when Valverde went, but in my opinion if you are waiting and waiting, there are too many riders that try to go in the last k and maybe I would have only gotten 5th or 6th.  So I thought I would try something else and this way I got third and a podium position.” http://www.radioshacknissantrek.com/news/machado-makes-his-move-team-impressive
Read also Roulston blog here: http://haydenroulston.co.nz/tdu-stage-5-2/
LL Sanchez by Rabobank
“We had high expectations of Luis Léon Sanchez today. There’s no hope now for us in the classification. This is very disappointing as we were very sure that we could win this race. Not so much with Michael Matthews, but certainly with Luis Léon" http://www.rabosport.com/news/item/11971

1 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar 3:45:48
2 Simon Gerrans (Aus) GreenEDGE
3 Tiago Machado (Por) RadioShack-Nissan 0:00:02
4 Michael Rogers (Aus) Sky Procycling 0:00:04
5 Rohan Dennis (Aus) UNI SA - Australia 0:00:07
6 Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor) Sky Procycling 0:00:12
7 Javier Moreno (Spa) Movistar 0:00:13
8 Jan Bakelants (Bel) RadioShack-Nissan
9 Jack Bauer (NZl) Garmin-Barracuda 0:00:26
10 Eduard Vorganov (Rus) Katusha
11 Michael Matthews (Aus) Rabobank 0:00:29
12 Linus Gerdemann (Ger) RadioShack-Nissan 0:00:32
16 Serge Pauwels (Bel) Omega Pharma-QuickStep 0:01:18
17 Martin Kohler (Swi) BMC
1 Simon Gerrans (Aus) GreenEDGE 18:49:24
2 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar
3 Tiago Machado (Por) RadioShack-Nissan 0:00:08
4 Michael Rogers (Aus) Sky Procycling 0:00:14
5 Rohan Dennis (Aus) UNI SA - Australia
6 Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor) Sky Procycling 0:00:18
7 Jan Bakelants (Bel) RadioShack-Nissan 0:00:19
8 Javier Moreno (Spa) Movistar 0:00:23
9 Michael Matthews (Aus) Rabobank 0:00:29
10 Eduard Vorganov (Rus) Katusha 0:00:32
11 Jack Bauer (NZl) Garmin-Barracuda 0:00:36
12 Linus Gerdemann (Ger) RadioShack-Nissan 0:00:42
13 Gerald Ciolek (Ger) Omega Pharma-QuickStep 0:00:47
14 Angel Madrazo (Spa) Movistar 0:01:15
15 Martin Kohler (Swi) BMC 0:01:16
1 Rohan Dennis (Aus) UNI SA - Australia 29  pts
2 Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Vacansoleil -DCM 24
3 Simon Gerrans (Aus) GreenEDGE 24
4 Tiago Machado (Por) RadioShack-Nissan 18
5 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar 16
6 Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin-Barracuda 16
1 Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor) Sky Procycling 46  pts
2 André Greipel (Ger) Lotto-Belisol 35
3 Michael Matthews (Aus) Rabobank 32
4 Daniele Bennati (Ita) RadioShack-Nissan 32
5 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar 27
1 Radioshack-Nissan 56:29:29
2 Sky Procycling 0:00:24
3 Movistar 0:00:31
4 Rabobank 0:04:40
5 Omega Pharma-Quickstep 0:04:45
1 Rohan Dennis (Aus) UNI SA - Australia 18:49:38
2 Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor) Sky Procycling 0:00:04
3 Michael Matthews (Aus) Rabobank 0:00:15
4 Angel Madrazo (Spa) Movistar 0:01:01
5 Wilco Kelderman (Ned) Rabobank 0:02:19
6 Romain Lemarchand (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale 0:03:19
7 Julien Vermote (Bel) Omega Pharma-QuickStep 0:03:27
8 Gorka Izagirre Inausti (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi 0:03:58
9 Cameron Meyer (Aus) GreenEDGE 0:06:34
10 Jay Mccarthy (Aus) UNI SA - Australia 0:11:11

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