Tour de San Luis...images from far away

Tour de San Luis... images seem to arrive from another age, from far away in the time more than in the space. Australia is far but videos weren`t different from videos of Giro d`Italia or Tour de France or Tour of California. I am talking of the quality of the streaming but also of the quality of the filming and also of the comment. You know I don`t have a good opinion of the Italian cycling speackers - Pancani, Cassani and Savoldelli are the best ones but still the level isn`t the same as in other countries. However Tour de San Luis speacker sounds like a comic imitation of a provincial makeshift commemtator. Something like the good nice generous people who comment for free my son`s races... or Tour of Portugal ;)  
Few names in the commentary - the most local - and then the latin star: Alberto Contador, "el mas grande ciclista en todo el mundo!". During last night TT that name has been reapeated every ten seconds in excitement and admiration. Contador started last and arrived surrounded by police motorbikes... ok, he is waiting for a sentence, could decide to excape by bike... Mah... His TT was disappointing - the speacker too sounded disappointed announcing he was 6th - but he evenly said it couldn`t be better in January. Leipheimer and Nibali were flaying instead: 1st and 2nd, pulverizing previous road records. January didn`t look earlier for them. Nibali on the podium looked unhappy thought: Tour de San Luis was his first pro victory and he wants it again. Or maybe he is concerned seeing the company he is with in the GC: 1. Lehipeimer 2. Schumacher 3. Nibali 4. Contador (an ex doper, a positive tested and...an ex US Postal)...!
Riders arrived in the last boulevard, small, hiden by the crowd because the tv camera was behinde everybody and the most of the time was showing people, cars and even buses peacefully crossing the road. Small and nameless,  riders arrived burned by the sun light and quickly disapeared into the shadow because the cameraman wasn`t able to adapt the contrast. The speacker`s voice came and went away more then once. Thanks god we have twitter! and thanks to all the twitters who update us during the race.
Ah dudes, we must really love cycling to follow Tour de San Luis! 
A breack-away is on... let me check on twitter, maybe we will have a streaming of the last kms...

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