Tour of San Luis eventually

Hungry of cycling I would watch anything. Still Tour de San Luis ISN`T a great race. I don`t mean to offende anybody - my friend Laura Grazioli was much more esplicit few days ago - but really I got amused by some comments I read around. The funniest - in a double way because it inteded to be ironic and was ridicolous - sounded like that: "We are in January and Alberto Contador already scored more victories then Andy Schleck in all 2011". EHM... Dudes, it`s Tour de San Luis, you know... 
You decide to start your season where you prefer and a soft start is the rule for big tours contenders - sprinters sprint hard also in January - Andy Schleck - like many others - will start in Mallorca Challege in few days - if he made it to Mllorca of course ;) Maybe he will not fly. Not because he got stucked in the airport, I say he will not fly in that first race as he never did. Probably he will use it as a last training and hopefully will show something good: a breack-away, a nice attack on some climb... He looked fit in Calpe and very motivated in Mallorca first training camp. To be honest I never saw him so good in January. But I don`t expect anything. Serious stuff will come much later. 
You can not agree with Andy`s way of interpretate the cycling calendar, but that is. That`s why some people prefer Contador or Gilbert, who always start to win, also...in Tour de San Luis. Can I suggest you a name? Lance Armstrong. He used to target the Tour and ONLY the Tour. His way to prepare it is the farest from the traditional idea of riders who ´honoure the calendar`. I don´t like Armstrong but Andy Schleck does and his Team Manager is named Johan Bruyneel: what do you expect? After a long and painful reflection I concluded that Andy Schleck must be judged conformely to his goals. His GOAL, better. he wants to win the Tour, ok? 
He almost won it three times and got epic stages like Morzine-Avoriaz, Tourmalet, Galibier. He shows talent and class since his first Tour, when he was just 23, wear the White Jersey and ended 12th in spite of a breakdown in Houtacam. Who saw him in the Alpes in 2008 will remember it forever. In 2010 he was the strongest. No matter how many other races he won. I still remember an old interview, he was really young and said: "My dream races are Tour de France, Liege and Olympics". He won a splendid Liege, almost won the Tour and his first Olympics were amazing: he didn`t get a medal just because of a cheater (Rebellin) and an incredible Cancellara. He was also 2nd in a Fleche behinde the same cheater. That finish in Huy is unforgettable. So, regarding his goals, Andy Schleck is doing well, nothing to say. He could have won many other races but he wasn`t interested. Maybe because he was used to win so much in the previous cathergories.
Eventually Leipheimer won the Tour of San Luis.
1 Levi Leipheimer (USA) Omega Pharma-QuickStep 26:32:55
2 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Team Saxo Bank 0:00:46
3 Daniel Diaz (Arg) San Luis Somos Todos 0:01:29
4 Stefan Schumacher (Ger) Christina Watches-Onfone 0:01:34
5 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale 0:01:50
1 Chicchi on JJ Haedo
2 Chicchi on Boonen
3 Contador on Leipheimer
4 TT Leipheimer on Nibali
5 Contador on Diaz
6 Viviani on Haedo and Guardini
7 Boonen on Guardini
Sprinters: Chicchi, Viviani
Well-Coming-Back: Boonen
Try Again: Guardini
Cronomen: Leipheimer and Nibali
Climbers: Contador and Diaz
Who The Hell Is That? Diaz - Really: who is he? I can check but would prefer a nice post by The Inner Ring :)
Bigest Disappointment: Nibali. Not in general but because he made a goal of that small tour so I expected something more.
Not-Well-Coming-Back: Schumacher. Why must we see those faces around again and again? the economic crisis I guess: hardly they can find a different job...


brassyn said...

Ultimately it's nothing at all to do with me as a fan what Andy races. But I won't deny that his approach to his racing calendar disappoints me, and any wish to emulate Lance Armstrong's way of thinking isn't something I relish.
I do think it's an approach that pales next to Contador, Gilbert and Evans and what they can achieve throughout a year. It's a shame but it's how it is and he seems comfortable with it.
In a way, I almost wish he could just win the Tour to get it out of his head and focus on something else. Does that seem strange? I don't know, but I want to see him progress not stagnate.

Ilaria said...

Agree. But not sure after 1 victory in TdF he dosnt want another one... and so on :)His life anyway. I just want he is happy.