Twitter teams ranking and more

Tim Vanderjeugd (RSNT press officer) via Robert Wagner tweeted it and it's quite interesting. 
Many factors can play a role here, some teams are 'younger twitter', others are 'compulsive twitters' and if you tweet if easier that people want to follow you. But that isn't completely true: you can be interesting in spite you tweet few (I knew somebody in that cathegory!) for ex. Green Edge but also Astana. Saxo Bank isn't on twitter, is it? so what does it mean 271? 
Teams tweet in different ways: many of them give you short infos or a link to their website. The most successful twitters seems teams that directly share on twitter pictures, videos, events.
With many riders personally tweeting - often daily - a team twitter is hard to manage: it must be official but also friendly and it seems that many teams are investing a lot in building communities of fans. It's a market and a good one: special events with athletes but also sponsors, merchandising, web shops, even special holidays linked to races or training camps...
Do you remember Bruyneel's interview (also) about more reliable revues? Cycling is for free but who isn't ready to pay for his/her favourite team calendar? or to train side by side with his/her favourite rider? RSNT presentation was a show for fans not an introdution for sport medias. And who are cycling fans in 2012? I'm sure a study about that would find interesting and surprising changes. In short, trivializing I have got the impression that nowadays cycling is more show then sport and fans are more groupies then supporters: follow a rider like a singer, a team like a band. Nothing bad in that but fans expectations are different and teams try to respond. The internet had for sure a big role: riders - but also management and staff - look very close, some of them share many dettails about their private life and 'media' - as plural of  'medium' - are less needed then in the past.
The top place in the UCI teams ranking is the first goal for RSNT, Bruyneel said. So far it won the twitter team ranking.

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