"Attacking earlier": Andy Schleck about TdF strategy

Pic by RSNT
Poor Andy is forced to release daily but he says almost the same stuff everytime... That`s normal, not his fault: TdF is far and he already said all... The only - relatively - new thing here is that specification about the ´aggressive strategy´ we already know from many interviews:
"Compared to 2011, in TdF 2012 there are a lot more stages this time around that will allow me to anticipate, to try to attack. I'm a rider that can hold a 40-50km breakaway. When I won Liege-Bastogne-Liege (in 2009), I broke 30km from the finish. In this sense, the Tour is perfect for me this year. It will be like racing a classic every day. You mustn't underestimate the opening stages, with finishes where you can easily lose a minute." 

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