Contador Case: my opinion

1. It lasted too long.
2. The fact he was allowed to race makes no sense.
3. The fact he lost victories he got honestly AFTER that positive test makes no sense.
4. He has been treated in a different way regarding other riders in the same situation.
5. Complaints about WADA rules should have been told BEFORE: are they unfair about that substance? they were also before a big name tested positive for it. Anyway rules rule till when they are not changed.
6. TAS sentence didn`t explain WHY that sostance has been found, HOW it was there. The blood transfusion theory is refused like unprobable - so not excluded - but the food contamination is refused as well. Two years bann for something you fail to explain looks a lot to me.
7. Of course there is no reason to be happy for nobody because all the races he took part in since that TdF 2010 would have been different without him. As Andy Schleck well said, titles are not victories.

I will post tomorrow something longer and not directly related to that case but about doping in general. Just for that I give you here in short my opinion. I have been taught to respect a court sentence and to believe a final verdict mustn`t be discussed. Doping in cycling existed and still exist, cycling authorities must support clean riders and not give the impression they are more afraid by a bad publicity than by a unmoral and risky behaviour. I really hope Contador case helps to fix a sport justice administration that obviously doesn`t work.


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