GP Costa degli Etruschi: All you need to know...

...and don`t hope you can find much more! ;)
From my room I see a chimneypot smoking, white smoke in a blue cold sky crossed now and then by snowflakes. In Florence isn`t a drama: our streets are clean and the electricity network...works. Only trains are late because they come from all around the city and there it`s a mess. I barely went out in the last couple of days, here it`s warm and my fridge is full, but stories from the white winter world are kinda shocking: people stucked for hours in freezing trains on the Appennini, Bologna central railstation closed and trains diverted, schools closed last minute with parents forced to pick up students at 9 am, highway forbiden to trucks that invaded the icy roads without chains... cyclists converted to the crosscountry ski or resigned to the hometrainer. Brave Chiarini decided to shovel up the snow, that is always a good workout.
Some riders – and speackers! - arrived to Donoratico facing the sad reality of a penguins habitat. Sad for human in shorts at least. Not only snow, not mainly: the icy wind is the worst side of the problem. I wonder if tomorrow GP Costa degli Etruschi will really take place.
Sofar it has been shortened: "the opening race on the Italian calendar, was originally 195 kilometres long and allowed for different scenarios to unfold." Leopard Trek Continental writes in his press release "However, weather conditions in Tuscany today (Friday) forced the organizers to change the route and delete the climbs from the menu." That`s something. LT line up is: Giorgio Brambilla, Jesus Ezquerra, Oliver Hofstetter, Bob Jungels, Julian Kern, Alexandr Pliuschin, Pit Schlechter, Fabio Silvestre and Joël Zangerle. Pit`s cyclocross skill could help!
GP Costa degli Etruschi is the first race in the Italian calendar and a tradition for my family since many years. It uses to be windy and cold in Donoratico, but you are by the sea: the sun is warm, the air is sweet, you feel the season really starts even if you immediately know if the shadow of maritine pines fell on you. This year is different thought: I can`t imagine to eat a sandwich at the barriers waiting for the peloton passages. Not really. Moreover I am worried about the railway line. The recent economic crisis plus the historic corruption beated hard on our ´public` transports system. That`s why I will probably stay at home.

As usual there isn`t an official site but you can`t find basic infos on the site of Cmune di Castagneto Carducci:
A live ticker is announced here:
No live streaming for that race: RAI will just show the highlights at night (also on the internet site)
Start list:

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