In short (and translated): interview with Andy Schleck by Le Quotidien

Read it all here http://www.lequotidien.lu/les-sports/31695.html
1. Telephone off: "When I am on my bike am on my bike. I have a season to prepare. Johan Bruyneelgave me the news when I came back."
2. It`s black: "It was black or white. It`s black, not good for me, not good for him, not good for cycling. Only it is good that is over".3. Pause: "Many cases ended in last days. We had time to suffer. Maybe now there will be a pause." 
4. TdF: nothing changed. "I rode it without him sometimes. It is hard with him and without." 
5. TdF 2010 winner: "They gave me that Tour, I take it but am not proud.You must be in yellow on Paris podium to win the Tour and then ride le tour d'honneur on the Champs-Élysées. I keep that in my memory. I want that. If I win this year I will tell it is my first victory. That is a title not a victory!"
6. A too long waiting: "I think it is a defeat for cycling because it lasted one year an half."
7. Contador: "You don`t wish that even to your worst enemy"
8. Mate not friends: "After the chain story a there is a distance between us. I didn`t take well his attack. That wasn`t kind. But I hope he is back soon: I want to race against him. And I know he will be back stronger."
9. TdF 2010 finished in July 2010 "...when on the Podium I turned toward Alberto, there were 39 seconds between us. I lost that Tour because of a mechanic accident. That is a part of the race, of the game. It can always happen and I hope it will never happen again. I wouldn`t like at all to be again in that situation."

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