In short: Andy Schleck interviewed by Cyclingnews

Wonder what Andy said on the ferry? find it out here:
In short:
1. TdF 2010: just a back number: "For me being on the start line with number 1 on my back or 11 like I had the last three years, it doesn't change anything."
2. TdF 2012: A totally different Tour: Contador "always had a strong team around him and he went into the Tour it would also be up to his team to take charge in the race. Now (...) There are other riders who can attack earlier and maybe take time out of it. I don't think it makes the Tour easier."
3. TdF obsession (and not): "I won't be unhappy after if I never win the Tour. I will still maybe one day have a family and be a happy man afterwards." BUT "I'm getting more and more focused on the Tour. the whole season is getting more and more about the Tour."
4. Less Classics: "I was focusing on the Classics maybe too much, and I've got to change this year so I'm better at the Tour" "Lance Armstrong won the Tour seven times and you never saw him in any races other than the Tour."
5. Calendar confirmed with some interrogatives: Paris-Nice and Critérium International then Circuit de la Sarthe or Tour of the Basque Country. No Tour of California. Critérium du Dauphiné or Tour de Suisse.
6. Learning by Bruyneel: "Johan is really good because as a cyclist you've got to be strong in the legs but you've also got to be strong in the head and confident. And that's definitely one of his strong points. But it's not just confidence, it's also to do the right decision at the right moment, in a race or in training. And that's something you've got to work on, something you can learn."

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