In short: Cancellara about Contador case

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Fabian is racing in Qatar
In short:
1. A too long waiting: "This waiting has damaged our sport.”
2. "It makes you lose faith":  “Of course, normally, we have to go with the decision of the court,” he said. “The court should be the highest jurisdiction in the world. But the big question now is whether we are able to believe in the court. Yes or no?"
3. Harder on cycling: "There are cases of people in other sports who have done much worse and they haven’t got banned as severely. Sometimes they do not get banned at all. It is always cyclists who are punished most.”
4.Unlikely a supplement: "You get offered them everywhere but you say ‘ok’ and send them to the lab. For a cyclist, this is your insurance."
5. Fear: "Your whole life can fall apart after one test." "It is always a possibility that you can test positive for things that you don’t know about." "I remember back in 2008 when I was implicated in the case that had nothing to do with me. The press all around were talking about me. I lost my energy, I gained 10kg in fat and I couldn’t sleep. But a cyclist has to live with that. If you live with that you can go forward. If you don’t then you give up and go home. But it’s wrong.”

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