Les Trois Mousquetaires: Tour Méditerranéen and Calabria Challenge

Les Trois Mousquetaires were four you know. Tiernan-Locke, Kreder, Viviani. And Daniele Colli.

Elia Viviani won Calabria Challenge 2012

They shared the race time not the roads. They didn`t share the weather: sun in Calabria, snow in France. But shared very few with their collegues, left nothing in fact: Viviani (Liquigas) won two stages on two. Kreder (Garmin) and Tiernan-Locke (Endura Racing) two per head in a four days race. 

 "It was really a team win," said Kreder after his first victory "I was suposed to do the lead-out from 1km to go and I did that with my brother and Koldo on my wheel. At 700 meters there was a small corner to the left and normally my job [would be] over there but my brother and Koldo left a gap because I went so fast in the corner." I interviewed him - http://allezandy.blogspot.com/2010/04/yes-we-like-michel-kreder-exclusive.html - some years ago and am very proud to see he mantains his promises! 

Sharing is the word, wide world sharing better because both that races have not been showed by tv: twitter updated us live thanks to teams and fans.

The fourth Mousquetaires is Daniele Colli: second today and yesterday, he won first his sickness and is now back to top cycling. His story is great: got a cancer to his left knee he risked to have his leg amputated. A fortunate surgery could avoid that but unfortunately his previous team GEOX came too a end for lack of sponsors. He had to fight to secure himself a jersersey but in Team Type 1 colors he already achieved quite good results: 4th in a stage of Etoiles des Besseges, everyday on the podium in Calabria and second overall. Bravo! 

Tour Méditerranéen

Stage1 Tiernan-Locke
Stage 2 Kreder
Stage 3: Kreder
Stage 4: Tiernan-Locke

Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria

Stage 1 Viviani, Colli
Srage 2 Viviani, Colli

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