Liege 2011: I found a picture...

...of Andy Schleck just after the finish. He is near the podium, waiting for the awarding cerimony: Gilbert won, Andy was 3th behinde his brother Frank. There is a touching video of Andy consoled by Leea: he won here in 2009 and always gets emotional after the finish. He was disappointed probably and very tired for sure. 
In this picture Johnny Schleck goes talking to his son. I didn't post it because it was very very dark, you could hardly see anything and Andy is completely covered by that man. Lately I worked on it. It isn't a good picture, I know. But you can see Andy's face, his expression, and I cut it making dad Schleck the center of the scene.
I like it. It makes me remember a beautiful day in spite the victory we wanted and din't get. I will not go to the Classics this year. Just Paris-Nice and Tour de France.

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