Should Andy Schleck reply to critics? poll results

He did recently in two intrviews: "I let them talk and do the work" he said in the first one, "I don`t give a shit" in the other, just yesterday to Eurosport. So Andy`s answer is: no, I shouldn`t and will not. 68% me included agree, 31% do not.  
An interesting fact happened with this poll: at first and for days everybody voted NO but when I was posting about RSNT team presentation suddenly YES votes increased. In my opinion Allez! got a different audience there: fans are more passionated, cycling commentators - the most of them :) - more cool. 
To say it openly: Andy Schleck didn`t get a good press after Tour 2010. We can discuss why, we even miss some important parts to understand the story. Anyway it must have been a very hard moment for him and he reacted isolating in a silence that could allow different interpretations. Did he decide to stop giving interviews? did he stop being asked for interviews? did he decide alone or was he advised? I don`t know (and if I do I don`t tell here): when people talk shit about you and you don`t reply  you look weak but when the storm has passed and things become cearer you probably look simply more serious. Anger, pain, disappointment often make you tell words you would like to cancel later. Finally talking isn`t a rider job. Team officers are there to manage the comunication strategy of a squad. 

Should Andy Schleck reply to critics?
  10 (31%)
  22 (68%)

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