Tour of Oman 2: start delayed...

Pic by Tim Vanderjeugd
... the ferry is late. A caracterist of the race is that teams are based in the same hotel for the whole week and have to face long transferts to and from the daily start and finish. Today start is by the other side of a gulfe so they go by ferry.
It is late however you see that journalists found a way to make a producive use of that time! poor Andy... not easy to be a star...
Today finish is a bit up so probably no bunch sprint. A small group sprint looks more probable but also an attack in the last 5 km could work if you can climb. Gilbert, Cancellara... Martin Kohler ;)
No steaming, you can follow
on  Twitter for a live ticker. I will follow the race and up date my twitter too but today have to go out so not sure I can cover it all. Enjoy!

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Also here: https://yfrog.com/h2oq8cupj:iphone