Tour of Oman - Green Mountain: Nibali said...

Pic by Team Liquigas
Eager to win again: «It’s a wonderful feeling that I was dying to experience again. A year without winning wasn’t easy to stomach: I knew I’d given it all I had as you can see from my performances, but I couldn’t say I was completely satisfied without a win. Now I hope to go on a winning streak again, maybe like in 2010… " 
Strategy and feelings: «I tested my legs in yesterday finish by a finisseur attack. But today they confirmed my positive feelings. I knew I wasn’t the only one in good condition and there are plenty of good climbers here, so it was crucial to follow a strategy – I had to attack from far out to prevent any riders who were feeling punchier than me from having a chance. Our DS Mariuzzo gave us the right instructions in this regard: he even told me I had everything I needed to win and I’m happy that I lived up to his expectations. A big hand obviously goes to my teammates who gave me exemplary support."
GC: "I primarily came to Oman to prepare as well as I could for March’s races. I’m already really happy with today’s win: but obviously seeing the top of the classification so close makes you hungry for more. I’ll have to come up with something but it’ll be tough on a route like that …"

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