Multi-tasking Cycling Day

PN today Source http://www.cyclingfans.com/node/4039
I enjoyed the saying :) "How did everyone get on with the multi-tasking yesterday?" Team Sky tweeted "TV coverage of set for 13:45 GMT today, 14:00 Eurosport UK/2"
Waiting for it and in short:  in
TA Going to the start :)
Tirreno-Adriatico there is a break: Pirazzi and Caccia, in  Paris-Nice there is a break too: Simon Clarke (GEC), Frederik Veuchelen (VCD), Yuyika Arahsiro (EUC) and David Le Lay (SAU). The breakers have got a large advantage in both the race (7 minutes) but we know it isn't going to last. 
In Tirreno it's a sprinters day (and a very long stage). In Paris-Nice it's a climbers day (and a very hard stage). 
I'm here at home, going to my doc in the afternoon, feeling quite miserable: work is good because doesn't let me time to think to my personal mess. Sick I'm sick twice :(
Fortunately cycling keeps me busy and I was looking forward to today finish in Mende. Unfortunately 'my rider' isn't in the race anymore...

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