The - ridicolous - show goes on

Just few pics amongh the many posted on twitter by different teams. All my respect to riders going on but honestly I lost interest in a race that started today without many main characters, a weather still very bad, roads covered in snow and guys in the hospital because of yesterday crash. The organizers should be better to stop the show.
Today Gazzetta was all about Basso's new crash and retirement, few lines for the race results. Exagerate but it seems Vincenzo Nibali could see his Pink Dream come true...
No pressure on Andy Schleck instead: not by his team. The Yellow Dream - still a dream - is far away. At home again, sometimes I think that really he should be better to train somewhere in peace till June at least. Why to risk in a race when you don't give a shit about it? why to be bored by journalists and photographers when they get so few to write and print?
As far as we talk about 'honouring the race'... he has got few to say 
Stage 4 is on, there is a break, frozen cyclists are doing the work. Ridicolous and deeply serious. Volta a Catalunya is a big goal for some of them and they are taking their chance in a decimated peloton where many big names are missed. CA Sorensen wants to defend his mountain jersey - well deserved! that's sure! - Albasini is fighting for to keep the leadership... In spite of the ridicolous lack of profesionalism by the organizers... the show goes on. Lets watch it for those brave (lucky?) guys who dare the elements... and didn't crash!

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