Ronde van Vlanderen preview

Excited? I am. Flanders is one of the most beautiful races in cycling. Somebody even say better than Roubaix because there luck takes a too large role. Neverthless Roubaix is splendid. Flanders is just more tactical. Not less hard. 
You know the route changed ( http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/flanders-route-changed-after-cobbles-theft ). When you read that "thieves stole a significant section of cobbles on the fearsome Koppenberg climb" you get astonished as when you read a 'fan' (??) stole Cancellara's wheel when he was laying after a crash. Anyway and for different reasons Koppenberg has been stolen from all us. I'm traditionalist in cycling so... I'm sorry. But I someway agree the race will be even more exciting because the last muer is nearer to the finish.
The race looked limitated to the duel between Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara but the long Belgian via crucis of cobbled races showed a larger group of serious contenders. I voted for Devolder in the poll but really can't say now who will be the winner. This year Ronde is very very open. 
For sure all the top ten riders will be proud, all the guys who will bring their bike to the finish - like in Roubaix - as well. Good luck everybody and respect because you already did something if you start here!
Start list
Source http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/tour-of-flanders-2012/start-list

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