In short (and translated): Kevin Pauwels' manager's reply

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In short (and translated):
1. Secret injury:  "Kevin has not talked about himself because he was scared to death to excuses" said Herremans. "But his knee is definitely a factor. In Zonhoven he bumped his knee against his handlbar and it got inflamed. He had a whole week without quality training. Saturday, the day before Hamme-Zogge, he was still suffering for it . Everyone took his no starting in the Annual Market Cross in Niel on Saturday as the reason for its poor performance in Hamme-Zogge, but that's bullshit. His knee was playing a role, not Niel."
2. Stronger opponents:
"His spin frequency and beats are almost identical. The difference is more than one percent, but I heard by Nys' coach Paul Van Den Bosch that Nys is faster than last season. This is my first statement: Nys and Albert are just a lot stronger. Moreover, races are harder than last season, they suit Kevin less. You see the badluck Kevin had in every cross and you immediately say he's much worse than last season. That the mountain summer Pauwels would play a role, it's nonsense. It depends mainly on external factors. Of course, that in the long term affects the cup games."
eam training in the Ardennes this week. 
4. Think to Gilbert: Pauwels' distant cousin, friend and mechanic Bart Risbourg said: "He might be a little quieter than usual, but for the rest I notice no difference. After the cross we talk often about something else, but we maintain our ritual: relax in my infrared sauna and socialize. He knows that he's doing well in training and it can quickly turn. I got him the example of Philippe Gilbert, who had a bad year, but in the end was world champion. "
Good luck to Kevin then and get well soon!

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