In short: more about Pauwels' crash

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In short:

1. How it happened: "Nys hopped the trunks much faster than Pauwels and overtook Pauwels. The latter appeared scared, locked up, and went over the handlebars on the second trunk. A lifted hand from Nys indicated his apologies"
2. Nys said: “I had a lot more speed. One of us went out of balance. I hesitated. I think I touched him with my elbows. I thought about waiting. It was a crash that could be avoided. It wasn’t in purpose.” 
3. Pauwels agreed. “It wasn’t in purpose. If I would’ve hopped there alone I wouldn’t have crashed though”
4. Albert admited: “I think I was the worst of the three but because Pauwels crashed I could finish second. I didn’t have a great day. The classification will be made in Baal. I’m riding for every second. I lost a lot of those today and tried to control the damages.”
5. Congrats to Albert anyway because according to his facebook he got engagged :)

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