In short: Van der Haar said...

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Pic by Rabosport
In short:
1. Albert's favourite for Louisville: "If the course is dry then Lars van der Haar is the big favourite," Albert stated. "If the weather turns foul then it's different."
2. Van der Haar's surprise: "Oh jee..., oh jee. It would be great if I could do it. But sure you've got to take into account Nys and Pauwels as well. Albert too of course. Even on a dry course. He's got so much power. He points at me because of my sprint."
3. Home guy :) "I travelled there three times and never suffered from the jet lag. I want to leave as late as possible, like on Thursday. It all depends on the national coach of course and if he wants to leave early then I'll follow. I just don't see what you can do there that you can't do at home. I'm the kind of guy who likes the time home. You know the food, the people, the area... I don't have to be there to focus on the race or to ride the course every day. At a World Cup you check out the course only once too"

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