In short:Tosh Van der Sande's Gent Six Days

There is an interview here:
In short:
1. A thrilling finish:  Iljo Keisse and Glenn O'Shea won. Kenny De Ketele and Gijs Van Hoecke finished in the same lap, but fell twelve points short of the victory. 
2. 9th on 13th:  that's the result for Tosh Van der Sande and his partner Leif Lampater who won a few events included two derny races and one eliminationrace.
3 A low start...: "The first few days I wasn't quite good. I think that was because I had no competition in my legs and the other guys were well prepared by riding races. In those first days we already lost a good place in the classification. But the last three days were really much better. On Saturday and Sunday I didn't lose any round, I was very good then."
4. ...but shining in side events: "Once we knew we weren't riding for a good classification anymore, we fully went for some side events. The first time we did we ended up in the top three, afterwards we won a few. It's nice we succeeded in it. The last madison we were always in the top three, so we finished very well. My teammate and I weren't in top shape in the beginning, but as the Six Days were getting on we came through. We could show ourselves and that is the most important I think."
5. Hard competition: "From day two it was obvious that Keisse - O'Shea and De Ketele - Van Hoecke were the best. There was little to do against them. The following days they have controlled the race and on the final day they totally went for it. It was a beautiful duel, it's a pity Gijs crashed, otherwise it would have been a nice sprint, but I think Iljo and his teammate were a bit stronger."
6. Lot of fun: "Of course I have enjoyed the atmosphere in "Het Kuipke", I always do. It is extremely fun to be there. Even after that difficult start I still had the audience supporting me and that gives you courage to keep on believing to ride well the following days. There were a lot of my fans who travelled to Ghent."
Well... I'm becoming a Tosh's fan me too :) Stay tuned!

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