Making easy what's hard... and more

Good news: yesterday finally I showed my doc my last blood test and she said I'm fine, my anemia is over, I can stop taking iron and do whatever I want - even cycling! I should be happy but unfortunately I still feel very weak and my blood pressure is way too low. No more iron is something, to be fit again is something different but I promised my son we will ride from Pasau to Vienna next summer so I need to recover and train. I know it's all flat, hours pedaling though is far from my present shape and my present job in school doesn't help: I spent hours strugling to make Plato easy for my students in the last days instead of puting kms in my legs. But that's life: I won and Plato will help to earn mony for the trip.
By the way, there is something I can't completely accept in making easy something hard. You can try to explain it step by step - and it takes a lot of time and application - but the hardness is a part of the meaning, he didn't make it hard on purpose. If you don't get it like it is you shouldn't want it easier, it makes no sense. It's like to bring your bike by car atop the Alp d'Huez and then tell you 'did' it. You didn't, you just had a look around. In add I'm in holyday - four days: All Saints, Friday off, Saturday and Sunday - but I can't really go anywhere: I'm at home with Liv and his brocken wrist AND I must prepare my lessons.
Pic from here http://www.lemurate.comune.fi.it/lemurate/
I woke up in a very bad mood this morning and we both knew we had to go out as soon as possible: walking is the best treatment! At ten we were already by Le Murate - http://www.lemurate.comune.fi.it /lemurate/ - : a piece of Florence you must visit if you come along. It's the ancient prisons. They re-builded it in a very original way, mixing past and present. There are some appartaments, two squares, a restaurant, a Caffé Litteraire and some cool shops. If you like design and contemporary art you must see it. At night it's crowded, there are art exibitions and live music. But on Saturday morning it looks like the beach at dawn: the caffé was still closed, the square was desert and silent. We sit on the wooden benchs - made by recycled material during a design workshop - and simply enjoyed. Noises were far like the sea waves - cars, voices - and we were almost alone: two women were softtly talking at a table of the closed caffé, a guy were waiting, a girl was walking her dog. It was all perfect and I was feeling good. A little sleepy or maybe collapsed: that induced me to move and look for an open bar and a warm strong coffee.
Pic from here http://www.nileguide.com/destination/blog/florence/2011/08/25/rooftop-bars-and-terraces-of-florence/
We crossed via Ghibellina and slowly went to piazza Santa Croce, just the time to take a narrow street avoiding the  tourists mass. In piazza San Firenze, in front of the old Court, I had my coffee. That's building is an unicum: the only baroque palace in Florence. But it's a very soft baroque, much more a 'rich neoclassic'. Florence is like that: the spirit of Rinascimento rules everywhere. Narrow streets again, Uffizi, piazza della Repubblica, La Rinascente: the 4th floor of that big store is one of our favourite places! no clothes there but a lot of cool stuff like a magnetic 'decision maker', an 'ex lover woodoo dole' (!!), cute useless things to decorate your home and a splendid restaurant atop the roof. I wasn't happy to find the 4th floor invaded by Christmas stuff! I mean! it's the begining of Novemeber! But I know: big stores are like that. We were hungry and we sit at a table with a view.
To be honest the roofs around piazza della Repubblica aren't that cute... but the hills view is great: la Cupola del Duomo and Fiesole, la Cupola di San Lorenzo e Monte Ceceri, Forte Belvedere and Or San Michele. I like that place - when I can find a seat - moreover because the food is good. It isn't cheap as you can imagine but it isn't too expensive. We had a good lunch and took all our time. Then slowly we walk home by the main way: via del Crso, Borgo La Croce, piazza Beccaria, via Gioberti. The sky was gray but it was warm and it didn't rain.
It isn't true that Andy isn't there :)
No cyclocross till tomorrow. I miss it! Today instead is the day of the Amstel Curacao Race. It's just started and you can find some news here http://www.amstelcuracaorace.com/?lang=en It's strange to not find Andy and Frank Schleck in TDW's pics this year but ok, they obviously cound't go. Is Andy still/already in Spain? I asked him yesterday...

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