ALAD decides today - HOPEFULLY - about Frank Schleck

Few to say. There is an article here http://www.lequotidien.lu/les-sports/40652.html but it says nothing. Hopefully today Frank Schleck will get his sentence and I'd say it's a rider's right to get it but to get it IN TIME. 
He autosospended himself so - like Le Quotidien also remarks - he anticipated a possible bann in order to be at the start in the Ardennes and morever in the Tour. In any case.
Is it realistic to think he will get no bann at all? In my opinion no because a rider is responsible for anything found in his/her body with no regard to his will or awareness. I believe Frank didn't anything wrong but the ALAD could hardly send him away with a pat on his back. Rules are rules even if we know all the story and it excludes he doped in order to achieve better results: his  results in the Tour has been... well... not that good. But not so bad to make you tell he was doping in order to start the day after! 
I think that Frank will get a short bann today and will be able to start his season soon. There are riders in the peloton who got three months because of their frequentations of Ferrari not at the time he was a famous sport doctor but now, when he's an inhibited counsellor of dopers. Frank can't explain  why that substance was in his body - you can believe him or not: I do - but Scarponi, Pozzato, Visconti can't tell they didn't know about Ferrari or that they didn't actually have contacts with him. Why did they do? they acted willingly against the rules and just got a three months bann in spite they have no excuses. BDW Offredo got a two years bann because of a three time no show at antidoping tests: that's a lot. That's too much in my opinion. But ok: things went so bad in cycling in the past that now everybody must pay for it. Ok. Be strict then. BUT WITH EVERYBODY.  
Finally: fortunately Frank has got a long term contract and his team supports him. What if his contract was ending in 2012? what if the team decided to use the part of it allowing the release in case of doping? what if today, after months, the ALAD said he's absolutely clean to ride? now teams have already got a complete roster. That's deeply unfair. Sentences should be quicker and allow both riders and teams to manage the situation decently.
Ok. Two hours to go. Fingers crossed and lets hope it's over. I'm looking forward to the start of the new season.

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