In short: interview with Andy Schleck by Cyclingnews

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In short:
1. 2010 Tour de France: "I believe my condition was even stronger in 2011" and "I don’t feel myself as a Tour winner. [...] They gave me the yellow jersey in a ceremony in Luxembourg but it’s not the same. [...] from the memories 2010 is the best, also because I won two stages but also 2011 was the Galibier stage and that’s something I’ll never forget. [...] I’m not angry. I was angry with Contador when he attacked when my chain came off but it’s not like he’s my enemy"
2. Season 2012 "There was of course my injury but the whole season started badly. [...] The whole Tour was the toughest time for me. For three weeks I couldn’t do anything. I was just a couch potato. [...] There was a moment when I didn’t feel like a bike rider at all. [...] I really believe that this has made me much stronger mentally. [...] Since I started as a pro everything was going up hill, with the results, everything, but last year it all went downhill. It made me realise how much I enjoy cycling and how much I like to be in racing"
3. Frank: "He called me [long pause] it was not a positive test though. [...] I will never stop. Frank has the support of the whole team. [...] We have races coming up and we believe in justice and we’ve not thought about a ban or him not racing. He didn’t do anything wrong and think it will be resolved quickly"
4. Bruyneel:  "There was a lot of misunderstanding in the press. We tried to pull on the same string, we had the same goal of wining the Tour but we had different approaches and ideas on how to get ready for the Tour and it didn’t work [...] [his dismissal] came as a blast to everyone when he left"
5. Tour and Giro: "At the beginning he was maybe not that happy to do the Giro but his crash was three days to go. [...] If he’d not had the crash he would have finished the Giro in a good way. The ideal scenario would have been that he had prepared 100 percent for the Tour. That’s one for the future."
6."The one thing that keeps you going?": "One thing is for sure, that I want to show people that I’m still here. [...]  what keeps me going is that I want to win races."
7. Contador: "Yes he broke the WADA code but he didn’t get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. [...] I don’t point my finger at someone if it’s not clear."
8. Doping: "The UCI and WADA know every minute of everyday where we are."  [...] they can’t judge my generation with something that happened ten years ago. We can’t do more now to prove that we don’t dope. [...] It’s a lot of publicity, people coming out and saying they want to change cycling but I believe cycling has already changed. [...] Everyone can have a second chance and everyone can change they way they think. I just take an example. David Millar was caught and today he does a lot to help cycling. [...] maybe they’re the people who can make the difference today because they’ve learned from the past"

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