In short: Lucy Garner pro with Argos-Shimano

Pic from Lucy Garner's twitter
2x Junior world road race champion and European team pursuit, scratch and road race champion like her  twitter profile says, Lucy Garner gave us some of the most beautiful moment in 2012 cycling season. Now she turns a profesional rider and with a Ditch team. Not a suprise if you consider the last part of her bio: "My other half: " :) But in a nice interview here:
... she says: “It wasn’t just because of Lars, not at all. No, I have to do what I want to do, because at the end of the day it’s my future and I’ve got to try and make money out of it and try and live from it…"
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In short:
1. Like a beginner: "The main reason I chose that team was because they’re so keen on developing younger riders, and that’s exactly what I need going up into the senior ranks. [...] “Bigger field, longer races, faster pace, so I think that’s the main thing Not really to say ‘right, you’ve got to win this,’ you need to just get used to it - to get the experience - and then, in the future, you can start thinking about results.”
2. Female cycling asks complete  racers:  “With women’s cycling you can’t really be ‘just a sprinter’ or ‘just a hill climber’. You’ve got to be pretty good at everything; it’s completely different races to the men’s. So, no, I’d say that my strongest point is sprinting, but I’m still training for the time trialling, and hill climbing.
3. Hard challenge, good fun:  "it shows the strongest riders, who can ride the brutal conditions; so I think it makes the race interesting."
4. Eager to help: “Obviously [I’ll] try and help the team win. Because I’m a non-experienced rider as such, so I’ll just try and help as much as I can with the team.”
5. A mixed team, a better team:"Last month we all got together, with the men as well; so it’s not like we’re being cut out, we’re actually experiencing what the men experience as well. I think that’s really what women’s cycling needs[...]. I think it’s nice to be included with the guys as well.”

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