Leuven: Albert's win, Pauwels' podium, Nys' show

That's all. Quite boring Soudal Classics Cyclocross in a gloomy scenary: no sky just mist, no grass just blak brown mud covered in black brown dead leaves. Fast at the start Lars Vand der Haar couldn't keep the pace and finished far behinde (19th). Albert went away solo and soon on the technical route marked by brutal ascents and descents. Bart Wellens badly crashed against the barriers while jumping some artificial obstacles but finished and is fine. The group remained together for almost all the race, pulled by Klass Vantornout till when Kevin Pauwels attacked with Rob Peeters and a few others. The fight was for the podium already but Sven Nys - who looked cut off, dropped behinde - showed all his class coming back, passing Peeters and hunting Pauwels. At the last lap the three front men weren't so far from each other! incredible! 
After the race each rider was siting in front of a basin of hot water and cleaning his face with a bath glove. It was cold and you could see the warmth cloud in the air. On the podium nobody looked happy. 
2 Pauwels 
3 Nys.

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