New Year's Resolutions 2013

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There we go: it's again that period of the year. I leave tomorrow to Luxembourg where my son and I are going to spend New Year Eve. He asked me many times to bring him to visit that country I love so much, he's curious to see la Petrouse, the Bock casemates, the Golden Lady and all the splendid places I talked about so often
I know many people in Luxembourg but those are special days: many are away in holyday, others are there but busy with their family. We will be quite busy too because we arrive on the 30th evening and go back on the 2nd of Juanary, sleeping one night in Basel. That's just to explain why I post today my New Year's Resulutions: on NYE I'll be in a restaurant in the City and at midnight somewhere around celebrating with a heart ligher than usual.
Yes dudes, I'm very happy and serene lately. I'm happy like that and don't need anything more. So lets have a look to my 
New Year's Resolutions 2012 
1. To go ahead about that sickness and to heal hopefully DONE: I found out it was  a severe anemia and after many blood tests and many months of iron therapy I'm fine! Yes, I feel very good and am sure that also contributes to my happy mood.
2. To go to watch Paris-Nice and Amstel NOPE: I was hardly working in school in April, in add Andy Schleck wasn't performing that good so my motivation was very low. I went to few races this year but I keep a splendid memory of some of them, especially the Eroica, with Fabian Cancellara's victory in piazza del Campo... Great day!
3. To write new good reportages and interviews DONE Ah yes! and so well done I even got published on paper! but my reportage on Ciclismo isn't the only good stuff I wrote, I'm very satisfied of my work.
4. To bring my son to the TdF finish in Paris  DONE I told you here: it has been weird Le Tour without Andy Schleck but a nice family travel. I liked it.
5. To improve my Luxembourgish WELL... I did. But then put it aside because I was too busy and with languages it's like that, you must pratice if not you forget. Anyway I reached a basic level and am proud :)
6. To get a new frame for the kitchen window and to have the kitchen painted NOPE No time, no money. My house has been fortunately crowded of guests all the summer and you can't change a window in winter time, can you?It's still on my to do list.
7. To ride my bike and to go almost once a week to the gym WELL... A severe anemia is incompatible with an even moderate effort. My doc strictly forbidem me to do anything unecessary. Moreover I was working in Empoli and had to wake up at 6 am almost everyday: when I was back home I just and simply wanted my bed.
8. To write my essay about Hegel and Derrida or to improve my study about it at least. YES n NO: I imporved, read some stuff I needed to but couldn't find an important book by Derrida about Hegel (Glass) and that stopped me. Moreover: I started by a personal concept but I should write down a serious bibliography to go on seriously... It's still a stimulating project. By the other side I'm back writing about philosophy on Chora in a way that probably suits me better... I have a lot to do!
9. To work (I mean money): school, B&B and publishing DONE That's the bright side of the story: finally I got some money. I worked many months in school, my B&B was crowded and Ciclismo payed me. I'm very proud. I don't work for money but when you get them everything is easier including... working. You finally realize you were right insisting and not wasting your time as your parents said - the mine always say. That subject makes me think about Martin Solveig, almost informatic engineer, telling his dad: "Listen, I'm going to be an international DJ"- Ah what?! a philosopher, a writer, a cycling reporter! Uhm... are they going to pay you? sometimes YES.
10. To hold on this percious feeling and demostrate I'm worth of it. Sometimes I get nuts without a reason, just because of a silence or a glimpse. Like a child I must learn to belive things don't change when you turn off the light.  DONE Yes, this year I got nuts a few times and it's quite reasonable given the situation. But it's definitely over, I'm sure. Love isn't about possesion, it's about caring and when you live it deeply and truly everyday in your life it's pure joy.  
So my balance is summ up positive.
New Years Resolutions 2013
1. To work
2. To go to watch as many races as I can
3. To go to Renon (OberBolzen) for summer holydays: I used to go there when I was a child...
4. To get a new kitchen window
5. To be active: bike, gym, trekking...
6. To get involved in politics again: I really don't know how but feel like to.
7. To write
8. To spend more time in my country house and to make it more confortable
9. To get rid of all that mess (I know what I mean) 
10. To keep my joy :)

I wish you a splendid new year! 
I'm sure the mine will be perfect: I'm the only one who can sabote it and I'm done with that.

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