Soudal Scheldecross Antwerpen: Pauwels' day!

The grass was white on frost, the river pale icy blue in the sun. Dry day in Antwerp and soft sand. Sven Nys made the show, skillfully. Pauwels looked aggressive since the start where they fought wheel to wheel to take the lead but failed both. 
After few laps however Nys was already firmly in front and it was a surprise when he slowed down allowing chasers to pass:  it looked like he re-opened the race to have more fun! At the moment I can't tell you why he did so because following the cross in Flemish I just understand names and a few other words. He didn't seem to have got a problem... Did he lose again because of too much confidence? it could be.
Albert instead didn't look in a very good day: dropped at first, left in the second group, he managed to join the head of the race but a little mistake made he lose ground and the win was over. Nys went away with Pauwels, they crossed together the line at the last lap and Puwels let Nys pass. Faster at the sprint, he sit on the wheel till the finish. Nys couldn't drop him. That was the day: while Nys was turning left to control, Pauwels sprinted powerfully at his right. A beautiful victory.

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