RADIOSHACK LEOPARD TREK's presentation in Spain...

...as announced on the 18th of January. At this occasion also continental team LEOPARD TREK will be presented. Nissan is no more a sponsor so I'm curious to see if the World Tour team bus is Mercedes again. "A selection of new and established partners to our teams" are supposed to meet the press, so there are new sponsors too. That will be the first time for Luca Guercilena as general manager and riders will show the 2013 jersey. Not all though: the Tour Down Under line-up will be not there and they are: George Bennett, Laurent Didier, Ben Hermans, Tiago Machado, Andy Schleck, Jesse Sergent and Jens Voigt.
I'm glad the team avoided the traditional expensive public presentation but I'm a little surprised this soberer 'press event' will be not held in Luxembourg. I'm also surprised some riders will be not there: they should have done the presentation earlier, shouldn't they? Nervertheless I believe Luca Guercilena knows what he's doing: I have a deep esteem of him. 
You know and I don't deny that Johan Bruyneel fascinated me last year in Calpe. No doubt he's a fascinating man. But he deeply disappointed me in his management of the many troubles the team passed through. Finally his involvement in the Armstrong's case made his position impossible. I think Fabian Cancellara had a key role in his dismissal: Becca cares about his opinion and he even said he was ready to leave. 
Anyway: that's the team of my favourite rider and moreover the team of a guy I really care about so I support it and wish it a full success. I'm glad Andy Schleck's schedule is back to the old trail, I'm glad that Frank Schleck is in the team and hopefully will race together with his little bro. You can't obtain results forcing people against their nature, especially guys who have got a strong character and a huge talent.
I don't know yet if I'm going to go. I'm very glad I got an invitation :)


Anonymous said...

Ilaria, one question, why Frank Schleck should be cleared when you ask the opposite for Contador in this very same blog.

He should be banned 2 years like Contador was. Apart from that I agree with eveything yo wrote and hope for a sucessful year for the Team. Andy and Fabian have to lead the team to those victories.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Contador was caught with a performance enhancing substance, whilst Fränk Schleck was caught with a specified substance.

About the team buses: in 2012, the team had the same two Mercedes busses as in 2011, only the cars were provided by Nissan. In 2013, the cars will probably provided by another company, maybe Skoda? The continental Leopard-Trek team also has Skoda cars and I don't think Mercedes Benz Luxembourg wants to return as a sponsor.

DROGBA said...

Diuretics elevates the rate of urination and clembuterol help to lose weight. Both are not enhancing performances.

By the way I disagree with the first comment (but I respect his/her opinion) and Frank doesn't deserve a ban

Ilaria said...

Anyway I don't say Frank Schleck 'doesn't deserve a bann', but just that he deserves QUIKLY a sentence and a SHORT bann according with the rules, coz he's responsible for what has been found in his body. That rule is maybe unfair but is the rule. For short I mean 3 months. He didn't want to go to TdF and wasn't racing well so why in the hell should have he doped? and after the more suitable stages? Contador was winning that TdF instead and had won other inmportant races that year a bit different.