Cyclocross Nat Champs short - HAPPY - results

Stybar is again the Czech nat champ, in Italy Fontana won on Franzoi and Tabacchi, in Luxembourg Christian Helmig is the new nat champ, Lars Van der Haar won on Lars Boom and Thijs van Amerongen in Dutch nat champ. I watched the Belgian race and it was simply amazing, fast and classy. The new nat champ is Klaas Vantornout, ahead of Nys and Pauwels. Niels Albert is the main defeated: he was in front all the race but couldn't resist the coming back of Nys. 
I'm super happy: Lars Van der Haar ruled - 50 seconds ahead Lars Boom at the last lap - and Klaas Vantornout finally raced for himself achieving a spledid victory.  It's good to see Kevin Pauwels on the podium too: this year he isn't as competitive as the last one and maybe it isn't easy to manage the relation with Vantornout. It's good to see instead they are happy with each other or at least it seems so. Interviewed Pauwels sounded glad, Vantornoud sounded moved and joyfull, a large smile on his open face. Unfortunately I understood almost nothing excluded that: "My results have been constantly good during all the season so that isn't unespected". Indead: and well deserved!

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