Giro wild cards and my opinion

It wasn't easy, that's true, and I agree that Italian teams should have the preference, like French teams in Tour de France, so the news Fantini, Bardiani and Colombia are the lucky ones selected to ride the Corsa Rosa doesn't upset me that much. 
I'm sorry that Qhubeka missed it but we knew that already. By the way I don't the African team would have done worse than others we have  recently seen. I'm happy for Sacha Modolo's team: they really deserved to be there because developping young Italian talents is the team mission, well accomplished. 
I have some doubt about Fantini: last year I was looking forward to watch Guardini dueling with Cavendish but he's gone. Garzelli arrived, not exactly the new face of cycling... Colombia is more insteresting and Androni Giocattoli-Venezuela didn't need a wild card fortunately.
The exclusion of Katusha is a pain. I don't see how the team of the UCI ranking winner could be prevented to ride a race where he finished second last year - and wearing pink till the last day. It's a shame. UCI is a shame. Maybe UCI's decision was 'right', maybe I mean they had serious 'reasons', but at least it should have came ealier allowing Rodriguez to find in time a WorldTour team. He will probably leave, he will maybe ride the Giro anyway but that story is and remains a shame. At least Katusha goes to Tirreno (with Qhubeka, Endura and Fantini).
Many other interesting teams have been excluded: the Swiss I am cycling, the Brit Endura... I can't avoid to think the wildcards system isn't the best way. The top teams in the Continental ranking shold get a spot. New teams should simply wait and show how good they are in less important competitions. To take part in a big tour like Giro, Vuelta or Tour de France is already a results and should come after... results, authomaticly. 
Finally: 3 wild cards are few. 18 World Tour team directly admitted are many. Things should be more balanced: 2/3, 1/3? what if teams were asked to qualifying for important Tours collecting points? Just random ideas but I don't like all that discretionality. Moreover I don't like to see the Giro selection transformed in a mediatic event. 
Ah! yeah! I'm sorry: it isn't about cycling, it's about money. You have to sell the Giro and it works better like that.

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