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In short:
1. To the front: "Why should it always be Jens [Voigt] that is riding [on the front]?" Schleck had told his RadioShack Leopard teammates during the pre-stage meeting. "I can ride as well. Riding in the front in the wind, suffering; that is what makes my shape better and stronger so that's the main goal. I won't hesitate the next day to do the same. I like it. I ride in the front and of course it hurts. Sometimes when I am really hurting, I hope that the guys behind are hurting also. I like to do it and I'm really, really happy to be back in the bunch again in the peloton. It's something different when you can do something like I did today."
2. Terrible Beijin:  "Beijing was hard because I knew that I'd go back there and I probably had better shape when I was a junior than when I went to Beijing. It was terrible but I went there because I want to race. It was not a good idea I found out after three days but still I finished the stage and I was happy. The positive thing about it was that it was the kick off for my new season again. To come here, mentally it was easy, really easy. I was counting the days to come here. Beijing was really different..."
3. Not overtrained: "I think I have pretty wide shoulders on that kind of [thing]. I am not afraid of that. People ask me, 'You might be over trained?' I don't know one guy who is over trained. For me it's a myth so.."
4. Happy: "I am definitely going to improve. The best age of a cyclist is between 28 and 32. That is what they say. I hope I am not an exception, or I'm not different. But it's also kind of ... cycling is mentally a really hard sport. My last year, 2012, made me mentally a lot stronger because I realised it is really, really what I want to do - it is winning bike races. Mentally I have no doubt ... it was not good last year. I'm still recovering to come back and be good and be in front in the final of a race. That will come. But I am happy to be here and have a bike number on my jersey and compete."
5.Realistic:  "For me now I can tell you 100 names I have to beat first! Wait I was 89th today [Wednesday] so 98 now! I go with of course big ambitions into the season but I know it's going to be a bumpy road until I am where I want to be because it's not easy, you cannot build up shape in three months, it's simply not possible. Maybe some say so but no, if you ask me, not."
6. Geting used again: "I am a little, I won't say scared, but I think it's also normal because you have to get used to riding in the peloton again. I rode in Beijing but that was more like behind the peloton than in the peloton so ... it worries me a little bit, honestly but it just takes time."

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