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Marketing. Finally I found the word amongh many and many enthusiastic tweets. It was enthusiastic as well and selling cycling sounds a honest job if you are not an old school - old - communist like me. Selling something is valueing it so endosing it, isn't it? Cycling is an entertainment product: it has to be amusing so that people want to watch it, paying a ticket maybe, buying merchandising stuff and being exposed to sponsors' commercials placed everywhere, cyclists' body included. What's wrong with that? nothing, that's capitalism - or what is left of it.
Giving that it's marketing and has to be amusing OPQS presentation has been the best team presentation ever. Not boring at all, not only fun but also interesting for people who like cycling - a race, what's more interesting for us? but useful at once to really introduce the team because studed with interviews. Journalists could do their job, a good streaming and tweetting allowed fans to enjoy, riders were happier racing on the trak than siting or standing on a stage. What does prevent me to join the enthusastic chor?
I love cycling as a sport, as a human activity, made of physical and mental training, goals and dreams, competition with others and with yourself, pushing the limit of your body and of your bike, inventing always better bikes, daring always harder challenges. Cycling is a serious thing not a show, I don't like to see it as a show even if I know the show is a part of it. Some riders maybe like the show part, especially at the begining, but basicly they want - and need - to focus on the sport part. Me too. In my opinion the best way to introduce a team is a sober press conference - streamed - where the management talks in general and each rider can explain his aims for the season and be interviewed separately if requested. All that should last few because they have got more serious thing to do.
Anyway OPQS is a strong team on paper and on the web, lets see it on the road :)
OPQS 2013 RIDERS  according to the splendid official site: 
...where you can also watch the team presentation and OPQS championship.

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