RSLT: Becca said...

http://www.wort.lu/de/view/becca-wir-stehen-voll-und-ganz-hinter-fraenk-schleck-50fd7935e4b05b4a370a7427 "I really expect that we will continue the season like we started it. After all, we already got our first victory at the New Zealand championships by Hayden Roulston   I also hope that we will be more lucky in the next  months than in 2012. That's also why we have changed the team name and re-integratethe 'leopard' that should serve as an omen for a successful 2013 season.
Fränk Schleck has nothing to reproach himself. He has already explained many times and I can only  repeat that position. As a team we stand all behind him and support him. Naturally, we hope that the process is completed as quickly as possible and Fränk can be back as an active pro rider at the Tour de France. "
Full interview with Flavio Becca on the Tuesday edition of the "Luxemburger Wort".

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