TDU: Andy updated

"After a tough injury last year, the Santos Tour Down Under marked a return to racing for Andy Schleck.  On Saturday night he was a guest at the Legend’s Dinner.  Asked if he enjoyed himself, Andy said, “I was fun to do something different.  I’ve been here for two weeks, so it was good to do something other than be in the hotel every night.  It was a great night that I will remember.  I hope to come back again next year.  I have great memories of the Tour Down Under and I hope to be here again next time.”Azevedo kept a close eye on Schleck’s performance all week:  “Andy made progress this week too,” said Azevedo.  “His condition improved and I think he’s doing fine.  He had bad luck with a mechanical problem today and he couldn’t come back to the group, but he’s on the right track and his will be on track to meet his goals.” "
To be exact Andy got a badtimed flat tyre and how you can see didn't take part to Radioshack's winning team presentation. He abandoned the stage and rode back to the hotel. I can understand but it doesn't seem so good.... Good luck and don't give up. I know he isn't going to give up.  
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Anonymous said...

I am very, very sad for Andy. He lost the respect of the tour down under organisators and a lot of his friends. He needs to grow up, but i think its too late for him. For me he is a real nice guy , but there is no great intelligence. I wish him good luck in his carreer and in his privat life, but i don't think he has. Because he has to change too much in his life and that is very, very difficult. I really, really care for him, but im am also scared.

Ilaria said...

I think he knows but it's hard.