"This is what I miss the most..." Andy said

Oh! FINALLY a GOOD interview with Andy Schleck. Enjoy! 
In short:
1. Healed:  “Although it took a long time, the fracture is healed and I feel good. Knock on wood. At first I thought maybe I would be out for six weeks so I started training too early and experienced some pain in my hips. Obviously I had inflammation. I couldn’t even train an hour a day, I just had to let it heal. So of course there was no point in thinking about competition. But that was 2012. Now is a new year and I start over from scratch.”
2. A hole in July:  “That day I called my girlfriend and my brother Frank and I cried. When you realize you can’t be part of your favorite race, you realize how much you miss the bike and how much you want to do it. I felt so down. During July I couldn’t stand watching the Tour from my couch, so my girlfriend and I went on vacation instead. It was better that way. This is why I wanted to go back to Australia for the Tour Down Under to start my season early and participate in the maximum number of races. I’m hungry for competition. I need to get into racing shape, achieve goals and animate races I’m in, like I did in Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Tour when I made the decisions to attack . This is what I miss the most: making a decision in the race which determines the outcome of the race. I can see that others are tired yet I still have the resources to attack. That’s the best feeling.”
3. Anyway... “Even if I had not fallen in the Dauphiné, I would not have won the Tour. Let’s be honest. I did not have the form to compete with Wiggins and even less with his team on a course that did not favor the climbers. I have great respect for what he does but I do not copy it. Everyone needs to find what works for himself. And I love the classics. They will be my first goals for 2013. I feel certain that this year will be better than 2012 because, in fact, to be worse seems impossible! But before I get to the classics I must ride a lot so I will be doing that.”
4. TdF 2013 is better: “The course is favorable for attackers such as myself so I hope we can see a much more open and lively Tour. It will be hard, especially in the mountains. It starts strong right away in Corsica. And there is only one individual time trial and big mountain stages. On paper I love the Tour route.” 
5. Aiming: “I want to win the Tour on the Champs Elysées. I'm only 27 years old. I'm not saying that I will be able to accomplish this in 2013 since I do not know how my body will react. I know I won’t be the pre-race favorite. I realize I need to return to the level I was in 2011. I will do everything to regain that level with the support of my team. We have a good team – my teammates are supportive, well-rounded and loyal. I’m hoping it will be a good year.”
There is an interview - in French - also here: not so good but I like it :)

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