Tour Down Under: press conf and teams presentation pics spam

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Lots of people for TDU teams presentation and it seems they likes it. Earlier RSLT held a press conference explaining  the team's goals in the race. I'm nervous as if I am going to race - stupid! - and sure they will do very well. But I hope the press will be realistic about Andy Schleck: that's his first race after a long painful stop and it's a serious race. His goal here is to find back the race pace, to manage to stay in front, to help team mates as far as he can. No more. Ah yes: to ENJOY!
Trudi Whitelaw@leopardfan1 spotted a funny dettail: "Forget the team shoes Jensie?" It looks so :) or maybe he remembered about a sponsor? who knows? I was checking socks instead: at the team presentation in Spain they were not identical, one sock has got a red line and the other one a blue line so yesterday I wondered: "What if riders put socks right left? they should be all cohordinated in the team if not it looks weird Mhm.. Hard job " In Adelaide though they are wearing all white socks so... no problem!

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