Two pics from Australia and more

Pic by Margherita@MargaretB_47

Not a good day for Andy who lost again a lot of time. It's normal and he mustn't give up. Coming-backs are never easy, that is his first race and it's a hard one. For many riders TDU is an important goal so they came fit and the speed is high in the peloton, especially when there is an open finish like in the last stage. 
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Pic by norbs@norbsMot
Andy's goals here is to finish, to improve and to manage to stay in front. He finished, for sure is improving but can't stay in front yet. There is still many work to do. There is still the time to do it. I don't think he's worried but I am annoyed by some comments I already read around: be realistic dudes. And be human. Some comments make no sense and don't help at all.
In April we will have an idea of his real possibilities in 2013, not earlier. I believe they will be good but if they will be not ok, he's a man not a toy you throw away. Do you remember Gilbert last year? look the jersey he's wearing now.

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